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  1. I have tried enabling DVC. However, when adjusting volume, for the lg g7 there is clipping when reducing/increasing volume (for example from 50 to 30, during the period of adjusting) after DVC is turned on. Might require a fix here. I think ill just use my current settings of low boost on Poweramp.
  2. Yes! I am referring to heavy bass. It didnt occur before the update to android 10. By reducing pre amps then the output from Poweramp would be too low compared to average device volume. I have no DVC checked and my output is High Res Output. I have tried both openSL and high res output and both sounded similar.
  3. Yes. I am on G7 ThinQ as well. After Android 10 update, the equalisers dont sound the same anymore. After adjusting the bass and turning in limit, there are volume dips that were not present before update.
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