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  1. Perhaps because there are music players that do stream services like Spotify. The Sonos app does this and roon and Audirvana both stream Qobuz and Tidal.
  2. You'll appreciate that since the unit that Poweramp doesn't recognize works just fine with many other players I am unwilling to disrupt things just to see if Poweramp would recognize it. It would be better if Poweramp were usable with all Chromecasts, but I can live with another player if it isn't.
  3. The firmware version of all three Chromecast units are the same. As far as I can tell, all the settings for all three units are the same, except for those that should differ (MAC address and IP address which differ on all three). What is so different about Poweramp that it won't recognize a Chromecast unit that is recognized - and played to - by other music player apps on the same phone or tablet?
  4. The settings are as you suggested. Playing devices - Huawei M5 Lite, ZTE tablet, Google Pixel 4A On all these devices Poweramp does not recognize one of three audio Chromecasts. It is the same Chromecast for all three devices GoneMAD, Media Monkey, roon and the default music player all recognize all three devices The question is not why doesn't Poweramp recognize Chromecast, the question is why doesn't Poweramp recognize one particular Chromecast when it recognizes others. All three Chromecasts are exactly the same and have the same settings. Note that Poweramp fails
  5. I have three audio Chromecast devices. However Poweramp only finds two of them. This is consistent across three Android devices: Huawei table, ZTE tablet, and Pixel 4a phone. Other music player apps on those devices do find and play to all three. Why doesn't Poweramp find all three?
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