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  1. This is especially confusing for those who don't know about this bug. Often leading to misconception that the skin for PA, not for PEQ.
  2. Well yeah, a choose default album art setting could be an workaround for the copyright issue. I mean like, it would let us pick an image file from our storage and use that as the default album art. Since the custom album art wouldn't come preloaded with the skin, it wouldn't violate any copyright. I think using copyrighted images for personal use is grey. 🤔
  3. Since the launch of PEQ (Poweramp Equalizer), most existing themers/skin developers updated their skins, adding support for PEQ. It means that the same skin can be used on PA and/or PEQ. But it looks like if I go to skin settings from the EQ app, I see some settings not related to EQ at all,i.e. album art settings, seekbar style settings, most of hide ui elements settings. They don't have any effect on the equalizer app as the app doesn't have those features to begin with! Yet I see them on settings, I wonder if it would be possible to not show those options on PEQ skin settings.
  4. It could just be an issue with Poweramp not recognising wavpack files specifically. I have 24bit 96kHz song FLAC file in my storage, and it does show up in my PA library.
  5. Speaking of stereo effect, I think the only current way to increase/decrease it is by manipulating the gain of specific frequencies. Poweramp already has a Stereo expand knob, would it be possible to implement it on PEQ?
  6. +1, I would love to have a nightcore effect feature in Poweramp, and if possible in the EQ too
  7. Click on restore purchase and make sure you are logged in with the same Google account on your device.
  8. It seems it happens with other music players as well. It didn't used to happen before, so I probably messed something up when installing early updates of System apps. I need to figure out what tho. 🤔😩
  9. You can try "forcing" high sample rate/bit depth in Android developer settings,but as I said, since the device doesn't support high res output, you'll still hear 16bit-44.kHz sound.
  10. Yeah, the audio output device (which in this case is the BT headset) itself has to have the ability to produce Hi-res sound in a codec such as LADC. For example, Sony wh-1000XM4 headset supports Hi-res output on LADC codec with upto 96kHz sample rate. And for others that don't, Hi-res output of Poweramp won't work. If the device doesn't support Hi-res output, it would automatically be downsampled to it's maximum output capability.
  11. IMO,I love the sound quality and EQ PA provides (32 bands! No other music player on android has this to my knowledge). And most of all PA has a robust flexible and customisable (with skins) UI. It still lacks a crystalizer, autoEQ (headphones based equalization). JetAudio kinda wins on that one (has tones of customisable audio settings). I would still prefer PA as it suits my needs well (ie. I don't need that many audio settings) and of course I love the gestures and UI. 🙂 Anyway this forum is for discussing about Poweramp not about other music players in general. I don't think it wo
  12. Looks like they pretty much broke foreground service and touch events already. 😅😂 https://developer.android.com/about/versions/12/behavior-changes-all
  13. Wohoo! First Android 12 developer preview is here. I haven't seen much changes in the first preview. Looks like they added a haptic feedback generator thingy. 🤔😅 I wonder if there is any more improvements over audio output output or in that area.
  14. Actually it happened a few times with me. Usually restarting my device fixed it, can't test it properly because it happens randomly. I am guessing YouTube (Vanced) just ends audio session randomly (during pause/play/fast forwarding), while PEQ couldn't refresh the session id for some reason/or just it couldn't detect the new session id. So PEQ keeps equalizing the dead session id while showing that YouTube (Vanced) is active. It could be fixed if we just clear all tracked/cached session id info from PEQ and query again. (Effectively refreshing the session info) Would it be possible to im
  15. Oh yes,sticky control panel, +1
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