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  1. When I ask Assistant to play a track, it always seems to play it through the "Album" category with shuffle off. Can I change it so it's shuffled and played through the "All Songs" category?
  2. @sugarfreak does it integrate with Poweramp? also can you supply a link if possible? thanks
  3. It would be a neat feature to have an artist/album wiki when online, or at least have an option to download it and link it to the app
  4. I'd like a feature where we can switch the L/R channels in Poweramp if thats possible. Thanks
  5. I'd like header images for artists and albums to have a different layout. be bigger, and have an alternative look (tags not appearing over the image), i think it would look neat
  6. I'd like the ability to be able to sort genres and artists by length instead of track count
  7. Can we blur album art on lock screen without it being blurred in the API because it interferes with KWGT audio widgets. Also it would be nice for more customisation options for widgets. ie match album cover corner radius and a seek button.
  8. @andrewilley I'd like rounded corners for the album art
  9. Can we change the widget's radius on 4x4 and 3x2 widgets so it can fit the players album art radius
  10. Support for synced lyrics (.lrc files) using the unused swipe up feature on the player or another feature which will help reading with the song or do karaoke.
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