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  1. It's '/Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/selected_playlist/' for me. Tried the suggested workaround and found it nice that it could detect playlistname.m3u8.jpg and automatically apply it as playlist cover. The only problem is when I have a new playlist (where the folder and music files sync automatically from PC via Resilio), then I have to copy the new cover image to 'selected_playlist' folder, which still require a little extra effort imo. Luckily I found an almost perfect workaround for me, especially since I often burn my playlist for car stereo. It's Poweramp capability
  2. Currently, the cover image of playlist is decided by the first song in the playlist which has a cover. There's an option to change each playlist's cover, but it's not intuitive and requires repetitive steps to change a lot of playlists. Moreover, if something happens and the playlist needs to be recreated for some reason, you have to pick custom image again for the playlist in Poweramp, which is quite time-consuming for such trivial task. Maybe like folder's cover image where it defaults to cover.jpg/.png, Powerammp could default to something like playlistname.jpg or simply pick cove
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