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  1. Andre, Thanks; I just reread your message and see that I slightly butchered your name. Sorry and thanks for confirming the support email address. Take care, Rick
  2. Hi MotleyG and Andrew, Thanks to you both for responding! I recently had a problem with my phone (Sprint) while on a road trip through Maine; I was having phone issues then too but because of the coincidence and timing of having installed PA and having hit the road again this last Thursday (on a touring M/C) right after installing PA, I didn't recall the recent trouble. Anyway, when I returned home from Maine I was able to get Sprint tech support to go through their troubleshooting steps and perform a sort of soft reset, if you will. I did actually pull and check the sim card, per MotleyG's suggestion, even though I hadn't had any sim card error messages but it sounded like a good place to check and sure enough it was seated properly. I then called Sprint tech support, went through the 'soft reset' (as I am referring to it) with a tech again and voila!...phone is again working...and with PA working... So, thank you gents! Looks like I'll be a regular PA user going forward! All the Best, Rick
  3. Hi, I tried emailing a support email address I found online (Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com) but maybe it's either an invalid support email address or it could be unmonitored on the weekend? Can anyone confirm that first? I'm using the trial version of Poweramp on a Samsung Note 8 with the latest software version 9 installed. I've enjoyed the trial version, it's a great App and I will gladly purchase the full version IF I can get support or anyone, to help me resolve this one (really significant) issue...my phone doesn't work! I have searched all of my settings in my phone and in the Poweramp App and I cannot for the life of me find the issue as to why my phone no longer rings (this only started after installing Poweramp!) The phone goes directly to voicemail without ringing. The issue is constant whether Bluetooth is enabled or not. Does anyone have any suggestions or answers? Or a proper email address for support? TIA, Rick
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