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  1. i just bought $ Yaps $ ... i still have to finish the configuration in some parts on android 8.1 car stereo with 1024x600 and 7 "resolution, even if for this resolution there are some things that are not perfect, it needs to be optimized .... anyway .... it is a skin that gives an optimal configuration, in some parts it is complex but effective and it almost takes a manual to study all the features and have them all under control ... I repeat, on a resolution of 1024x600 and 7 "it must be a a little optimized as regards the size of the font, the position of some elements to avoid overlapping or other ...
  2. good morning. I have been using Poweramp for a few days on android 8227L chip and android 8.1 go car radios as a replacement for the default Music app which is really horrible. Everything works quite well, especially the controls on the steering wheel and in particular the forward and reverse track. I have 3 questions: 1. is it possible, with the back button of the car radio, to definitively exit the Poweramp app and NOT return to the tracks screens, etc? this is because using an alternative launcher (carwebguru) it is okay that with the home button I return to the launcher home screen but with the back button I would like to close the Poweramp app if I am in the app screen. 2. when I activate the display, with fade control and not full screen, is it possible to have a very high transparency so as NOT to obscure the main screen with the album cover and the blurred coloring around at very low levels? 3. Is it possible to increase the font size of the song name, author because in a 7 "car stereo with 1024x600 resolution the texts are almost illegible?
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