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  1. Hi, I've investigated another thread on this but as this was last year, the solutions do not seem to work with my phone. I have a Samsung galaxy s20 ultra. Everything was running fine until it updated to the UI 3.0. Now, when my phone connects to my Sony dsx-a410bt radio, it plays for 2 seconds or so, then is off, on, off, on. I deleted the connection on the phone and connected as new. This time I got the Poweramp Was Killed message. I don't run a battery saver, task killer. I changed an auto disabled on the Full Unlocked version. I tried to connect with the screen on and app running but no jo
  2. @andrewilley Brilliant! Got it sorted first time! I put on my sony headphones, selected 7empest by Tool, played with various presets, all of which pulsed. I then reset to a flat equaliser and the sound went flat. I was so happy. I then upped the bass and a couple of other lower frequencies on the equaliser with no problem. What I think I did, several years ago, before bluetooth headphones were a thing, I played with the equaliser, on a heavy rock setting, then turned up the bass gain on the circular dial. On a wired connection, I didn't notice any difference. But on bluetooth it was recogni
  3. Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra, and I had the same problem with my s10+, namely that when I stream music from my phone over bluetooth to any of the 3 different speakers, 2 bluetooth headsets and the car radio, the sound output is not consistent. It seems to pulse. If I want to listen to a track on my Sony WH-CH7000N headphones I cannot listen via Poweramp. I have to use the amazon music player or the samsung music player. This is really annoying as I prefer the equaliser on Poweramp and the spread of frequencies it allows. But it's this pulsing (which is the best way I can describe it)
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