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  1. Sorry, I just realized that I accidentally posted a repeat of my previous question. Andre's second reply gave me the information that I needed. I have downloaded and installed the MP3Tag program (under Windows 10). I have an untrained hacker's knowledge of R and Microsoft VBA. I can use one or the other to create a csv file that contains the appropriate metadata for my mp3 files. From there, I should be able to use MP3Tag to attach the data to my mp3 files. Thank you, Andre, for pointing me towards a solution.
  2. Thank you, Andre, for explaining how the music library works. Is there any way to load short text files into the comments tag of multiple audio files (other than using copy/paste for each pair of audio file/text file)? Basically, I'm wondering where the comments tag is stored and in what format. Is it a separate file that is associated with an audio file? Or does the audio file itself contain the comments tag as a component? Perhaps I should submit these questions as a new issue in a different forum. Thank you for your help.
  3. I mostly listen to classical music that is organized into different folders for different sets of compositions, e.g., I have one folder for Chopin Ballades performed by Artur Rubinstein, a different folder for Chopin Ballades performed by a different artist, a different folder for the 1955 Gould recording of Bach's Goldberg variations, etc. I often want to keep and view notes about a given recording. I can do so on my Android 10 cell phone with a file utility like ES File Explorer, but doing so creates added steps when searching for music, i.e., I need to use Poweramp to look in a folder for
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