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  1. Hi Andre, That's very interesting. I've actually never heard of that!! I will definitely try your suggestion. Do you think a constant rate MP3 would be better to use or would it still suffer from the same bug? Thanks for the help. Mark.
  2. Hi all, Having a really strange issue. Been using Poweramp for years now with no issues whatsoever. I had recorded a live mix of the internet using audactiy and saved as mp3 extreme quality. File is 44.1KHZ 256KBPS MP3 and it 2 hours 44 mins long. FIle size is about 301MB. When i try and fast forward the player just hangs for a few seconds then either starts from 0:00:00 again or skips to the next file. Really weird. The files work fine on my pc and can fast foward them. Using a samsung S10 and have tried on internal storage and SD card. Both the same. I have tried using the latest beta and other versions. Wondering if there is a limitation to how long an MP3 can be or something random. Thanks for any help or suggestions, Mark.
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