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  1. at the moment i have the sennheiser bt210 (http://images.jr.com/productimages/SENPX210BT.PNG?WID=150&CVT=JPEG) great sound quality, but a week ago something happened to them..... i only can use them with the cable that came with the headset, but then there is nearly no bass due to the lower energy or something
  2. sennheiser hd650 or AKG q701.... i listen to Electro, House, DnB, Dubstep etc i know the AKG do have less to none bass but they look just so much better although the hd650s are just so much better in terms of the sound.... btw the AKGs only got 1 cable coming out of the headphone. (i dont really want Beats by Dre...)
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