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  1. Hi Poweramp team, I want to join the request for more advanced crossfading features. In fact only one feature, the "real" feature - volume based crossfade. Having background in radio broadcasting, my two cents on the topic is that the real cross fade rarely requires manipulating the volume levels - this will often mutilate the ending of a song (imagine a song which ends abruptly by design, also known as "cut" or "cold" ending). In such a case you want to have very short overlap. A real radio crossfade in fact requires deciding WHEN to start playback of the next song so the overlap harmonizes with the ending of the previous song. That said, it is very difficult to build an algorithm which understands how to do that. The best I've seen so far is a plugin for Winamp where you configure two parameters: 1. At what volume level (dB) of the PREVIOUS song should the NEXT song kick in (remember, no fading up or down for any of the songs). 2. What should be the maximum overlap (ms) ensuring that the volume trigger does not go off in the middle of a song during a quiet moment. Example if the volume drops but the song has another 2 minutes to go, the next song playback will not start because the maximum overlap is set to 6 seconds for example. Two additional features that will make the cross-fader rock-solid: 3. Always apply gap killer for both songs - there should be no silence at the end and the beginning of songs. You already have it, so tick. 4. Pre-processing the volumes of all songs in order to make sure that the crossfader compares apples with apples. This simple algorithm works in 99% of the cases and the effect is amazing. I will be more than happy to support in the development of this feature. Great job on the app - I am still trying it out, but definitely buying the full version! Kos
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