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  1. Check Mixified Pixel apps. I set up one of these, and I'm never looking back. This is my new default. I went with the Aurora one personally. https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6402406619451360547
  2. @andrewilley Yes thank you that is a good clarification. By Random order I only meant in terms of track number, but yes they are still sorted as Album /Artist/Track A-Z. Just looking for that very useful Album/Artist/Track # Asc as an option.
  3. Add Artist/Album/Track # Re-Sort option to Playlists. Currently if I want to play Albums 1,2,3 of Artist one in Track Ascending order, then Albums 1,2,3 of Artist 2 ,all in the Track # order I can't. When sorting by Artist/ Album tracks are listed in random order.
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