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  1. Using power amp 2.0.10 build 588 bought direct from your website is there any way for me to transfer my custom EQ settings to another device using the same build of the application?
  2. While I would like to just install power amp on all my devices from my Google account (as I should be able to, and as the terms state I should be able to), I can not as Google play stopped supporting any device prior to android 8.0. Licensing of any application through Google play prior to 8.0 now fails due to Google's lack of support. Sad world we live in when the larger organizations drive older products out of play for sales alone, and developers don't stand behind their terms by using an alternate library for licensing. And while I realize I can purchase direct from your website you to, it seems, have followed suit just to drive sales up.
  3. Well I purchased after summer 2018, but want to keep it on the original device as well. So the question is can I use the same email for the 2nd purchase or do I need to use a different one to avoid confusion? As I'm unsure if the purchase is verified by the email address alone or by device ID. If by device ID I would think the same email would be okay? Please clarify. Thank you for your time.
  4. @andrewilley So I like many others have had the same license fail issue. I am using old android 2.3.6 device. So as a workaround I purchased directly from power amp website and all has been well since. The question I have is I would like to purchase it again from the website, for another old android device, do I need to use a different email for the other device or can I use the same one from my last purchase from the website? Just trying to make sure I'm doing this the right way so I don't have to waste any more money than necessary. Any help would be appreciated.
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