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  1. Yes this is exactly what I am asking for. Is there a way I could make this an official feature request? It seems that it shouldn't be too difficult for the developers to add this to the list options. Just a simple way to toggle which aspects (album art, artist name, album name, file type, song duration) show up in the album screen? Thanks for the response by the way. I thought I was just going crazy and couldn't figure out how to customize this. Jacob
  2. Hi y'all I'm new to the app and this forum. I was wondering if there is a way to change the layout of the album screen? I don't like how each song listed also contains the album art, artist name, album name, run time, and file type. Is there a way to have it just be a list of the song titles on the album without all that extra info, like on iTunes, streaming services, etc.? Thanks!
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