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  1. Thanks. I updated the firmware to the latest (Poweramp-v3-build-874-uni.apk) and the wired connection now shows up and outputs 24b/96Khz. The version on the FiiO site is many versions older.
  2. I have a new Fiio M6 and purchased power amp v3. Everything seems to be defaulting to 16 bit/44Khz output, even when playing Hi Res (24 bit/96KHz) files to either wired headphones or wireless phones connected via Aptx HD. In Poweramp, when I go to Settings>Audio>Ouput> Hi Res Settings, the only option visible is USB DAC. I don't see the Wired Speaker/AUX, Bluetooth, etc. options that appear in the Open ES and AudioTrack output menus. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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