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  1. Another piece to the puzzle. I found that if I leave off the word "album" from my command, it actually can play the album" "Hey google...play Rubber Soul on Poweramp" - works fine however, then it can't distinguish albums from their title track (if there is one): "Hey google...play A Hard Day's Night on Poweramp" - plays the song, not the album ..better than before, but still not ideal. Any ideas why it fails to recognize full album titles when I specify "play album"? **EDIT** This doesn't actually work. "Hey google...play Rubber Soul on Poweramp"
  2. I have an issue that may be related to this, and may shed some light. I found that when I say "Play album [album name]" it works as expected. When I say "Play [album name]" (without saying the word "album" in there), then it behaves as described above. It plays one song from the album, then plays the next song from my library alphabetically, which is usually from a different album. The wrinkle here, in my case, is that I can't get it to play albums that have spaces in the name using the "play album" command. I can say "play [album name with spaces in it]" and it will play one song from th
  3. I'm having an issue using Google Assistant to play albums in Poweramp. It seems that if there is a space in the name of the album, the assistant will say "something went wrong". e.g.: "Hey google...play album Revolver on Poweramp" - works fine "Hey google...play album Let it Be on Poweramp" - assistant replies with "Something went wrong" The same type of command when using Google Play Music as the music player works fine for both albums. While I haven't tried every single album in my library, so far it has been successful in 100% of albums with no spaces in the name, and
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