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  1. Hi, I tried with the settings as suggested, still facing the same problems.
  2. Hi, I have tried re-pairing the devices multiple times (after connection reset and device list cleared) but to no help. I'll check with DVC options as suggested and will get back in a few days with my observations. Any way to confirm this is not a device issue ? (No such issues with any other apps - phonograph, YouTube, Spotify etc. ) Thanks.
  3. Playback unresponsive i.e. scroll bar would continue showing that the media is playing but in reality its not. (i.e. the timer goes on) Wont play until, I pause the playback , wait few seconds and then play again - then the playback starts. This sometimes would happen also after changing few songs as well, randomly. checked the device for bluetooth issues as well as the speakers. problem not happening with any other app except this. occuring on - Brand new oneplus 8 device. using latest Poweramp full version as on 17th June 2020. Oxygen OS 10.5.8
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