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  1. It is kind of strange, this error. I stopped experiencing it though, for now. And also, it seems like it's something completely random, because all my tags follow the exact same patterns, and I have checked multiple times. Also, the problem happened with both MP3 and FLAC file formats, so I guess the types of tags is not related here (id3 vs vorbis).
  2. If titlesort, albumsort, artistsort, albumartistsort tags do not exist, then I think it should sort by its normal tags (without sort at the end of each one).
  3. I don't see why not add subgenres of subgenres.
  4. Well, "Fluffy pink cuddly music" actually would not fall under any list in my example of implementation. It could be added to one though, if the user desires. Say, if the user considers "Fluffy pink cuddly music" to be a subgenre of "Pop", they could add this genre to the list of subgenres of Pop. Yes, this feature would have to be editable and "free form" as you mentioned, because it is subjective.
  5. Yup, I have double checked all my tags, the album artists are the same. The problem has happened with 2-3 different random artists, so I thought it was odd as well.
  6. +1 I would like to see that implemented as well. My collection does have these tags and it would be useful to sort non-English content that use articles other than "The", as said before by other users. The tags for this feature would include: titlesort, albumsort, artistsort, albumartistsort
  7. +1 I understand this request. MusicBee does something similar and it's pretty cool. It would involve something like this: Poweramp detects "Pop Rock" genre tag as a subgenre of both Pop and Rock. It would use internal lists to determine this hierarchical structure, such as a list of strings that stores all subgenres of Pop, and other list to store all possible subgenres of Rock. Pop Rock would be included in both these lists, in this example. Of course, these lists would have to be editable by the users who which to use this feature, because genre is somewhat subjective, but som
  8. Build Number: v3-build-375-uni (beta; the same error happened in previous, stable build) Device: Pixel 2 XL ROM: GrapheneOS / Android 10 Example with screenshots: In Album Artists > Kanye West, the app calculates 3 tracks with a total length of 13:53 for the Yeezus album. However, up above it is calculated 23 tracks total for the artist, which does not add up (first screenshot). If you click the album, there are actually 10 tracks, but it still displays the incorrect sum on the top, which should have been 10 (screenshots 2 and 3). This problem does not happen if t
  9. It would be useful to export Poweramp playlists using relative paths inside the m3u8 files instead of absolute paths. This way it can be easier to sync playlists between devices. I apologize if there's already a solution about this, I just could not find it. I love the app!
  10. +1 I also think this is a good feature to have. Most of my albums have the Date tag using YYYY-MM-DD format, and when sorting by year, it would be better to sort by Date, when such information is available. An example I have experienced earlier is when I want to hear all Beatles' studio albums in order, and it puts Yellow Submarine after Abbey Road, because they're both from 1969 and A precedes Y. But in this case Yellow Submarine must precede Abbey Road, because it was released earlier in that year.
  11. That's what I'm counting on! I really only use album artist, artist and genre tags for that purpose, but I guess there are more tags out there that uses the multiple-tag feature.
  12. I've never heard of it, but thanks! I'll definitely look into it, since I'm not 100% satisfied with Lollypop. The server side of it really seems to be a good idea. Maybe I can run something like that over here.
  13. Well, if an album has multiple album artists, it can be grouped if all the tracks has the same exact album artists. I don't see why not this would be done, but hey, if this feature gets implemented with artists tag only, I think it would already be enough for most people.
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