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  1. I have tried various methods already. What I think is that Vivo has changed the Hi-Fi detection algorithm in the latest ROM. That's why it won't use its built in DAC except changing to OpenSL ES Output.
  2. One more information to add on which is the Audio Outputs Detection Log. The info is as follow. 20:35:45.888 v3-build-872-arm64-play Device: vivo vivo vivo 1805 1805 sdm845 "qcom" 1805 QP1A.190711.020 release-keys [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi] reading=/vendor/etc/audio_output_policy.conf has direct_pcm_24, sampling_rates=44100|48000|88200|96000|176400|192000|352800|384000 AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_DIRECT direct_pcm_24 has direct_pcm_24 formats=AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_24_BIT_PACKED|AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_8_24_BIT|AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_32_BIT FLAG_VARIANT_DIRECT_HD via direct_pcm_24 forcing FLAG_DLFCN FLAG_NEEDS_DEEP_BUFFER FLAG_NEEDS_EXTRA_SLEEPS USB can handle Hi-Res - sdk=29 OK flags=0x874616600000000 FLAG_VARIANT_DIRECT_HD FLAG_SUPPORTS_PCM_8_24 FLAG_SUPPORTS_PCM_24 FLAG_SUPPORTS_PCM_32 FLAG_SUPPORTS_UNITY_GAIN_STREAM FLAG_SUPPORTS_USB FLAG_NEEDS_EXTRA_SLEEPS FLAG_SUPPORTS_LDAC FLAG_DLFCN FLAG_NEEDS_DEEP_BUFFER FLAG_ALLOW_DVC_EFFECT FLAG_BT_DVC_EFFECT INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_384K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_352K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_192K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_176K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_96K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_88K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_48K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_44K
  3. I've recently found that my Vivo Nex cannot use its built-in DAC chip to play music under Hi-Res output mode of Poweramp since I updated the device to the new system firmware. The problem is very clear and it is shown in the following pictures. When I am under OpenSL ES Output, there is a notification of "Hi-Fi" shown on status bar, which means the device is currently using its built-in DAC chip to play the music. However, when I switched to Hi-Res Output, the notification disappeared. The volume and sound quality of the music also significantly decreased. As this problem is found after I've upgraded to the new official system firmware (Android 10), so I don't know whether it is a problem due to the new system firmware or the Poweramp app development. I hope this issue can be brought under spotlight so the developer can check for it. The system information of my Vivo Nex is also provided below. Device: Vivo Nex (Vivo 1805) Vivo Rom: Funtouch OS_10 Android Version: Android 10 Software Version: PD1805F_EX_A_8.9.1 Baseband Version: 845_GEN_PACK-1.268619.1.279566.1 Kernel Version: 4.9.186-perf+
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