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  1. It's off from the end. The longer the track is, the more off the seekbar is. The seekbar is late compared to the track, it shows an earlier part of the song. For example, on a 6min track: If i go to the first 30 secs of the track, the seekbar shows perfectly this part. But when i'm at 5.30mins, it shows a part of the song at 4 mins.
  2. Hi I'm using the paid of version of Poweramp build 871 on my Fiio M9 (Fiio default music app is so slow). It's running android 7 and it's a extremely lightweight version of AOSP without the google play services.I had to display the visualizing seekbars because the 'dynamic range' of the sound was off near the end of the track. I had Poweramp on my phone before but i didn't experienced this issue. I think this may be due to either the screen resolution (480×800) or the dpi (set to 328). As an exemple, I circled the area where there's no music (very quiet piano playing)
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