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    EDM and finding the best Visualization that goes with the beat to your music. Plus I'm a pokemon trainer

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  1. Yeah i think i went through all the ones i have man that was alot and i found some i really liked. Guess i just wanted the easy way of knowing without actully seeing and admiring all these cool vis that people put all there time and energy into making. (Im assuming its hard, well not hard that aint the word, cant think of it) but eventually i would of did what i just done and went through each and everyone of the Vis i had. Glad i did sooner than later now i want to have more lol getting addicted haha. Im new to Poweramp litterly did not know it exsited till about a month now.
  2. thank for responding but i honesty have no clue what any of that means lol but i will eventully learn and get the hang of it and be pro lol jk. but thnks again man. but i think i kinda get it.😃
  3. Fairly new to Poweramp and got most of the add on from Google play. But can anyone tell me what are some good visualization? Specifically sound responsive. Tanks
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