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  1. Hello. Wanted to say that there are some android wear functions missing that i would like to see. 1. When clicking play music the phone opens youtube instead of Poweramp? When google play music installed the play music app opens. Its a bug. 2.show album art on the watch screen separately from the lock screen. Right now the albumart works only if show album art on android lock screen is enabled, when i turn it off it also stops showing on the wearable. 3.fast forward and rewind when pressing and holding the next, previous buttons. 4. More screens by swiping left for settings like repeat
  2. Exactly the same issue with 2.0.9 build 541 and pioneer avh-p4450bt car stereo.. When Poweramp resumes playback after a call it sometimes just skeeps to the next song... Very annoying and doesn't happen every time only sometimes... Thanks
  3. You say it's android issue, but google play music works fine... I mean the fast rewind/forward works.. Didn't try on other players... Edit: tried now with playerpro and doubletwist... works perfect! The issue is within Poweramp...
  4. The same issue here with Pioneer avh-p4450bt car entertainment, after upgrading my phone to android 4.4... Tried every setting that is there... Fast forward by long pressing the buttons doesn't work... thanks...
  5. +1 to this... Very needed feature... Thanks...
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