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  1. As far as I'm concerned, I only use Poweramp on my phone - a Sony Xperia XZ - and only in vertical display. I tried to see what the "alternative layout" would look like, but unfortunately it doesn't meet my expectations, and what's more, it forces me to disable the skin I use all the time. I only hope that there will be an option to place (or not) the album name under the artist's name, like on the screen I provided*. Or at least, I hope that the skin developers can make this possible. Thanks again ! * The screen is taken from the default music player provided by Sony on my phone.
  2. Hello After several searches, I did not find any topic dealing with the request I wish to submit. First of all, you should know that I use a skin with Poweramp, and that I make this request only in the hope of improving my comfort of use (which is already very high at the moment). It is simply a question of appearance, aesthetics, summarized in the title of the topic and that a skin can unfortunately not deal with.I would very much like it to be possible that the name of the title being played, the name of the artist and the name of the album are displayed separately, one below the other. I think that aesthetically speaking, it would be more pleasant, prettier, and would leave more room for particularly long album names. Note that I am aware that this would require removing the visualization, timer, shuffle and repeat icons. But do you think this is possible ? In advance, thank you ! (Oh and sorry if my english is bad, I'm french speaking)
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