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  1. Two thread is because i forgot the user id and password of other account sorry.


    I tried all the methods you told me earlier also never worked. And the main thing i use it streaming radio. We use local files barely as there is so many steaming services. But radio works perfectly for me on Poweramp. So i need a fix for this

  2. 11 minutes ago, MotleyG said:

    Are you talking about this post, with Chromecast album art? Or the only other post you actually ever made regarding album art when streaming a URL? Either way a direct reply from the developer (single person, not team) may not come any time soon. There are plenty of ideas, suggestions, and requests made regularly and I doubt most will ever be added if there is little demand for it.

    Yes exactly same , which is not yet fixed. 

  3. PicsArt_08-13-10_09_58.thumb.png.3e7bae6ce3ee851fbd38751956c3b41c.pngHi,

    i am a huge Poweramp fan , and a hardcore fan of Poweramp radio steaming. I own the website http://freeradiolinks.wordpress.com

    i am thinking about a new feature for Poweramp streaming.

    i listen to radio continuously on Poweramp.sometimes i want to recall the tracks i have listened earlier.So I am thinking whether you guy's could include a feature which record the music tag played as history for later use.

    Radio URL's PicsArt_08-13-10_09_58.thumb.png.3e7bae6ce3ee851fbd38751956c3b41c.pngfor Poweramp

  4. 2 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Do you mean a voice-over announcement, saying in a digitised voice the track title, artist name, etc? A bit like a radio station announcer when they talk over the start of a track? Or do you mean a pre-announcement, before each new track starts?


    yes I meant like an announcement before each track starts so that I can identify which artist is playing currently from which album, it is helpful during an audio stream, usually when we are too busy to check phone to find details like when we're bathing or studying. I have some app which can read news using Google text to speech engine, so i hope we could combine that module function with Poweramp and play songs like a radio station. In my device I have 12 GB of songs which I keep playing on shuffle so I am not familiar with all..

  5. Hi, during I play an audio stream, or Playlist I am listening alot of unheard songs, so i was thinking about a feature which could convert music tags into audio and announce it during song change. I can't every time check phone just to find the artist name. This feature would be really helpful for less phone usage

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