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  1. I can likely sideload the unlocker. The problem I have with that is I would have to pay again to get it. I assume it would work, although since my phone doesn't have google play services, it might not. Any chance the dev would be able to send me a copy of the unlocker? i can provide the code I got by email if he/she needs verification I actually bought it.
  2. Thank you for your answer. I also checked the link concerning "Restore Poweramp Purchase". I believe my problem is step 2: (Poweramp v2 only) ensure you have Google or Email account (as specified in purchase confirmation email from PayPro Global) registered under Android settings => Accounts. There is no "Accounts" item in my settings menu. Probably something removed when they built this version for a basic phone. So, while I have sideloaded an email client via ADB and registered my email within that app, my email is not registered, or able to be registered, on my phone itself. Do I h
  3. Good day! I'm wondering if I can get a little help. I have a basic phone running android. It is a Sonim XP5s (XP5800). I found I could sideload apps using a computer, Windows PowerShell, and the "adb install..." command. Poweramp v2 is the only app I found that would work with the physical keys on my phone (it doesn't have a touchscreen). I bought the app through your website as my phone runs a stripped-down version of android 7.1.2 that doesn't include gapps. However, the registration code doesn't work. It says my email isn't registered on my phone. And looking at the options in the s
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