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  1. Hello,

    Sorry so late with getting back to you, but good news. I resynced my usb with my computer, took out my USB drive from my head unit, did full rescan in Poweramp, remounted usb, and rescanned. Solved all issues :) embarrassingly simple LOL. I think you were right... I think it attempted to rescan before when the drive wasnt mounted. Its been a little touchy lately and not sure why. Thanks for your help though!!!!!! :):)

  2. I actually never had copied files to my mobile device and have always played straight from the USB drive. My tablet is my car stereo and is a double din touchscreen. I copy the files onto my usb drive and take it out to the car and plug it in. I've always done it that way and there has never been a problem. Actually, I'm wondering if Poweramp was reading my cached files on the device before and now it isn't. I'll try it tomorrow and also send you a music file from the device. Thank you !!

  3. Oh and no cue files. All album art is embedded. All tags are filled in as well. However, my songs are in files by artist name and not in the usual

    "artist name/album/filename" format. So, songs are all in one folder by artist name by that artist. I copy my m3us from a folder off my computer that's music folder is identical to my music folder on my drive. Its mostly playlists that aren't reading the metadata. I have Musicbee on my computer. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but thought I'd throw it out there. Thank you for you help!

  4. I've never had music in my device memory but I will give it a try tomorrow and copy some over to test tthat. Yes, they are all separate files in a series of folders on my external drive. It was reading everything fine until I did the recent update to 884. Yes, I did everything just as you listed. I have an Allwinner Quad-Core T3 P1 K2001Q NWD S212701 Android 10 A23 Tablet Kernal V4.9,170 from Seicane with hardware sun8iw11p1 1024x600 pix. Thank you for referring me to the post... I will take a peek :)

  5. yes but I purchased the V3 870 version and I have the license for that. My question earlier is if you also have to purchase the updates. So, If I want to download the latest version, 875... do I have to pay again or will by current license for 870 transfer over to the new version? If so, do I just install over my current 870 version I purchased?

  6. Yes, I sure will tomorrow. Thank you! I clicked on the newest 874 apk but it stated it was only a 15 day trial. Does the license in my installed paid app follow into the new version if I just install it over it? Thank you for your quick reply and I'll be sure to upload a pic tomorrow :)

  7. Hi! I’ve purchased V3 870 through this website and not Google Play because apk is only way I can download and install since android 10 blocks it I guess. Wondering two things... are updates free is my first question and if not, is there a way to make the album art move to the left and buttons to the right on my 9 inch screen? Right now it’s opposite and I have to reach to touch the buttons. Thank you 😊

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