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  1. Hi there ! First of all i'm new in here I gotta say you're the first that has a forum about an app that i've ever seen! this is amazing for getting feedbacks... As i said feedbacks,i really need your help about something. I love Flac musics.. It's much much better then mp3s but the size of songs are bigger too but it's not a problem for me.. So some of flac files are perfect but some of them not... I realized that musics that's kbps is between 700-1300 are okay... But after 1300, for example my HMV flacs are around 3000 and here is the problem; Songs are playing but in background there is always a sputter/like cracky sound... like how can i say.. LIKE gramophone style there is a cracky sound..... But 700kbps version of the same song is okay! I tried stock music player of my phone and there is no issue like this BUT I LOVE Poweramp.... Like everyone in here! Is this could be a problem in Flac codecs? best regards!
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