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  1. I HAVE read 2 days ago and checked again > - your google account differs from the google account Poweramp was purchased for I have only one google account > - internet connection issue 24hr gtalk online and receive msg from twitter > - sync is disabled for your google account (in Accounts & Sync) or Background Data is disabled It is enabled since the day I start using my phone > - date/time on device is invalid UTC+8 > - Full Version Unlocker is on sd card I haven't bought before > - you're using old Unlocker version (Unlocker version prior to v1.1) ditto > - there is no google services on the device (website purchases) Impossible, I'm using gtalk and gmail! > - wrong version of unlocker - website version won't work for Google Play purchase, and Google Play version won't work for website purchase. It works. Do I need to post/email a screenshot of bill detail?
  2. Me, too... I have been waiting for 48 hours now and still have not receive an unlocker... kinda frustrating my email address is fdb713@gmail.com
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