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  1. It continues to happen in the stock launcher too.
  2. Launcher - Lawnchair 2 Device - Nokia 8.1 ROM - Android 10(stock)
  3. I'm facing the same issue as well. Whenever my device restarts the shortcut icon disappears from my home screen.
  4. Device - Nokia 8.1 Android version - 10 Size - 6.18 inches Resolution - 1080×2280 pixels Screenshot - https://postimg.cc/tsfrkSSK
  5. I'm using the default (Dark) skin, no add-ons with Alternative layout & Alternative font turned on. I assume that you're right, it might be the issue with artwork animation. Is there any fix for this? I've checked the album art too the dimensions are 1000×1000. It happens with all the songs. Please check that out. Thanks
  6. https://ibb.co/WvQPwPt Like buttons and the 3 dot menu are getting outside of the Album Art only when the music is paused.
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