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  1. Please read my audio log report and tell me where is the problem...we have many other devices with Android 10 but the hi res output works perfectly....but not working in my phone
  2. But when hi-res audio is turned on ...there is no audio ... before there was no problem...
  3. @maxmp please check this.. getting this message when I turn on hi-res audio.. Before there was no such message but after android 10 update on my nokia 6.1 plus....i am getting this issue.. Please help me i really really love this feature..
  4. @maxmp i turn on hi res audio ..there is no sound....and it show the message that some roms don't support hi res audio
  5. Bro i cant do android 9 again ...is it possible that in Poweramp update the set the settings according to my phone latest Android version 10
  6. I have tried everything bro....its not working.....before when it was android 9 everything was working perfectly but now after android 10 ...this issue is irritating me soo much please provide a solution
  7. I am using nokia 6.1 plus .but after receiving the android 10 update ..i am not able to use the hi res audio feature ....before when it was android 9 this feature works as a charm for me....i loved Poweramp for this feature..and i pruchased it for this only feature...but now i am not able to use this feature...please help me ...i have shared my log below for reference ..please check it and please give some solution....ty Log..:- Version Info ======================Build: v3-build-866-arm64-play full verifiedStore: PlayUnlocker: build-302Arch: 64Skin: ActivityTheme_BlackDevice: HMD Gl
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