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  1. Yes my Android is 10. As said, I've checked if the Music folder was enbled each time I unintall/reinstall Poweramp after the first bug, but no success. I found a solution by unistalling again Poweramp AND Poweramp r unlocker, redownload them on the store and reinstall both. I passed the welcome menu asking which folder to use, and I've used the general settings of Poweramp to go to the music folder enable it, and I don't know why, but this time it's works! I hope this will stay as it. Tahnk you and best,
  2. Yes, on march 1st. But everything was Ok till april10 ou 11.
  3. Hi, I'm using 866 apk from the store. Eveything was working like a charm the and suddenly during a song , no more sound. I looked where could be the problem, and I realised that there was 0 songs in the musir folder, I tride a new scan, no songs. I tried a re install with a restart of the phone several times : everytime the same issu; even by selecting the songs folders (Music folder on my Egde 10+ last u^pdate à few week ago) and doing a full resacn each time. The folder is full of music. I even tried today to download the apk from the site v3 866 and 860; same issue
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