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  1. I'd like to have activities for starting and stopping playback. Use case is to have an NFC tag that is defined to call these activities directly (see NFC Task Launcher for example). Can currently start up PA but not get it to continue playback in my queue or whatever.
  2. Long time user of Poweramp paid. I have added lyrics to the id3 tags for the songs for which I want lyrics. Poweramp can display them fine, but I have to manually tell it to display the lyrics for each song. I'd like to option to display them automatically on top of/instead of the album art when they exist, rather than have them in a dialog which I have to dismiss. I have PA set to load only from tags, and no I don't want to use a plugin, just tags. What I'm talking about is the same kind of feature that the iPod has- once I tell it to show the lyrics, it continues to show lyrics for whatever songs but that doesn't interfere with the normal functioning of the device. If implemented, please and allow setting the font size (which I've seen in other feature requests).
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