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  1. Yes, I agree with you pal, but once my External HDD got corrupted and I lost my 8 years of data in 2016, since then I never have belief in physical storage, Having Google drive support for entire data of mine, believe me, it's damn good, you can access your data literally from anywhere, and almost no chance of data lost, big organization are taking care of our data., Hope I get the way out to access/play music through this app via Google drive.
  2. Hi Guyz, We need the option to link the music folders to online folders of Google drives or one drive etc, so that we shouldn't bother to save music locally, many a time we need to clean or flash ROM of the mobile, each time back of local files not worth doing, just allow us to select online drives/folders to access music and synchronize on real time basis, that is the future believe me.
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