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  1. This would be nice. Bring able to start any song in Poweramp library and control playback, pause, etc
  2. If I understand that link correct, the Poweramp API is an extension of the SAF, and that storage providers must explicitly support it? I think Nextcloud has a bounty program, perhaps I could put a bounty on an integration Have to look that up.
  3. I see. Thanks for explaining this. As I'm not really that technical with this, would you contribute a technical comment on the github issue I linked too?
  4. I saw this before I posted. Was very excited to start with, but it seems that Nextcloud driver actually downloads all files and stores them on the phone. This limits the usefulness because the phone's storage is simply not big enough. This could be a problem in how Nextcloud is handling this, but still, it makes it impractical for now. I have submitted a question to the Nextcloud issue tracker asking about this behaviour. https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues/5814
  5. Is there a standard way in id3 to support multiple artists? I don't think it is. So different players have implemented different ways to add support. Is the ; and // the most common? For example how does Plex, Winamp, VLC and other common players do?
  6. Hi! I really love Poweramp! Have been a long time Pro user and really like all the improvements that have been made. One thing I do miss is the ability to connect to my music library over Nextcloud or WebDAV. My archive is simply too big to store on SD card. The way I have solved it is to choose specific albums to sync in the Nextcloud app. Poweramp automatically finds the new files. Of course not at all as convenient as to have the ability to use the entire library. Thanks for an amazing player!
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