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  1. Thanks Max. That helps too. There's a lot to discover with this little player.
  2. Looks like I found my own answer again. Apparently, clicking the song info, while its playing, takes you back to the list. Not ideal, but it works. Also, putting a check in "Keep List scroll position" helps too.
  3. I'm surprised that they're that big. I only use 200x200 on my main computer, so that works out good. I'll just import my current collection and all should be good. Thanks for the reply.
  4. This is probably something I haven't figured out yet, but lets say I go to Folders, then Albums, then scroll down to Sister Sledge. I select a song and it goes to the player and starts playing. Now, I want to come back to that same screen. The only way I see to do it is follow that same procedure: Folders>Albums>scroll all the way down. Is there some way to just go back to that same screen and position? I know I can "check" the block that says to play the file, but stay where you are in the list, but I actually like going to the player so I can adjust tone/EQ etc. By the way . . . Powera
  5. I want to store my own album art locally on the phone. Is there an "ideal" size and format for the pics? Thanks.
  6. Ooops . . . nevermind. Just found the answer in the FAQ.
  7. I notice that the bass and treble "knobs" start all the way down. Is this the "flat" setting. In other words, are the bass and treble controls boost only? Thanks; Trip
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