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  1. Thanks for the answer, I'll look into it over the weekend! All I can say for now is that my MP3 files are all tagged in ID3 v2.3... maybe that's the issue? In the attached picture you can clearly see that the semicolon - which is visible in the folder name - is omitted in the tag... but as I said before, it's not actually gone - copying the file back to my computer shows that it's still there.
  2. I'm not currently using 899 (downgraded for now to 893 for the multiple tracks issue) but during my brief spell with it I noticed a similar problem, as the splitting (of Album Artists, at least) didn't seem to work as it should. Interestingly, I can see the reason for this even in 893 (which doesn't have the splitting option, of course): My multiple Album Artist tags are split by a semicolon, so e.g. I have Beatles, The; Lennon, John; McCartney, Paul; Harrison, George; Starr, Ringo [the idea being that the Beatles albums show up along with the solo albums from every member, so selecting Lennon, John would show his solo work and the Beatles albums; this works a charm in MusicBee]; the bold printed tag was copy/pasted from TagScanner. The semicolon option (without a gap) seems to be pretty standard, MP3Tag does it like that, MusicBee correctly splits them up accordingly. Now here's the weird thing: When I copy the files onto my MP3 player (Fiio M9), using MusicBee, Poweramp (893) displays these Album Artists like this Beatles, The Lennon, John McCartney, Paul Harrison, George Starr, Ringo - yes the semicolon is removed! Small wonder the splitting doesn't work, with the splitting character being dropped! Apparently, this seems to be an issue with Poweramp - I'd considered an issue with the synchronising software (MusicBee) as well, but when I copy the files from the MP3 player back to my computer and analyse them with TagScanner, everything looks as it should.
  3. I had a similar yet slightly different problem: For certain albums, all of the tracks were apparently stripped of a number of tags, most notably of the "Album Artist" one - despite being tagged in the exact same fashion as other albums by the same artist. So let's say I had ten albums by The Beatles, all tagged as "Beatles, The" in the "Album Artist" field - while eight or nine would be displayed correctly as such, one or two albums were filed under "Unknown Artist" (album name would be retained, for some reason). After a bit of digging I figured out that any album using UNICODE tags (utf16) is displayed correctly, but the ones using ISO-8859-1 tags are not properly recognised. I wasn't even aware that such differences exist (they're only displayed in the most miniature way possible in my TagScanner) but apparently they can make a difference. No idea, though, why some of my files are in one code and the rest in the other...
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