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  1. I had a similar yet slightly different problem: For certain albums, all of the tracks were apparently stripped of a number of tags, most notably of the "Album Artist" one - despite being tagged in the exact same fashion as other albums by the same artist. So let's say I had ten albums by The Beatles, all tagged as "Beatles, The" in the "Album Artist" field - while eight or nine would be displayed correctly as such, one or two albums were filed under "Unknown Artist" (album name would be retained, for some reason). After a bit of digging I figured out that any album using UNICODE tags (utf16) is displayed correctly, but the ones using ISO-8859-1 tags are not properly recognised. I wasn't even aware that such differences exist (they're only displayed in the most miniature way possible in my TagScanner) but apparently they can make a difference. No idea, though, why some of my files are in one code and the rest in the other...
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