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  1. It was a google play beta update then I uninstalled it and installed the apk from the website and now its fine. Thank you.
  2. My license stopped working after i updated to new version 883-890 - pls help, do i have to pay again for this?
  3. Thank you. Looks like I have to let go dolby atmos for hi-res audio.
  4. I can feel dolby atmos on my phone but when using Poweramp its little difficult to experience that. I am wondering hi res audio and dolby atmos can use at the same time ? I love how Poweramp sounds but iam also a Dolby atmos fan too.
  5. Hi, I want to know how dolby atmos works with hi-res audio. I am using a samsung A30 which has dolby atmos and UHQA PCM(24bit-192khz) for audio. When im using Poweramp hi-res output with music fx on I cannot exactly say that Im experiencing dolby atmos besides high fidelity sound and its sounds too far from good. Please give an idea to me about how this works. Thank you.
  6. At last I got the full version. Thank you very much Andre for your advices. They replied with me with this massage lated I tried It Worked. Hello from Poweramp support team! We changed your account: Poweramp v3 build 864 uni samsung a30 android 10 => lil***89@gmail.comPlease use Already Purchased? => Website in Poweramp to restore your purchase.More details - Restore Poweramp PurchaseThanks!Fedrick Henry пишет:
  7. How could they say that they don't have any order registered with my account when Im sending my order ID to them over and over again.
  8. And I have done that again contacting Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail but they keep sending me the same email. I don't understand why. Hello from Poweramp support team!This error is reported when:- Restore Website Purchase option used or website Unlocker version is installed- we don't have order registered for  which is specified in the errorMore details - APM response - 500 NO_ORDER_FOR_ACTThanks!
  9. Hello Andre, I did download the app from the the link you gave me but I still receiving the same error massage.
  10. Hello today i purchased the full version through the website but after i got this email below. Product purchased for Email:li***ry89@gmail.comOrder ID:******(Poweramp v2 only) Product purchased for Google Account:Poweramp V3 build 864 uni Samsung A30 Android 10 I wanted to use hi res audio that's why i purchased but in return i got version2 so please help me what should i do? This is the error massage im getting everytime when trying to activate Version Info ======================Build: v3-build-864-uni trialStore: WebsiteLicError: APM response - 500 NO_ORDER_FOR_ACT li***8
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