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  1. I double-checked all the tags and they are proper. The files in folder "CD 01" are all tagged disc 1, "CD 02" files are disc 2, etc etc. The track count starts over at 1 for each disc. When browsing collection via Library -> Albums, Poweramp is still not displaying the proper sequence and instead is sorting by track # and then alphabetically by title name amongst the files with the same track number. What's strange is some of my multi-folder albums have this problem in Poweramp and some don't. They all basically have the same tagging structure and some are displayed in the correct sequence, but some other albums are not, and I see no difference in how the files are tagged, yet Poweramp does not sequence them uniformly. When I open a different music app (BlackPlayer), there are no discrepancies on how the tracks are sequenced between the various albums.
  2. I have a lot of albums in my library that are multi-disc live albums and each disc is in a separate subfolder. I cannot figure out how to display the track numbers in proper sequence (starting with disc 1, track 1, etc). Instead its grouping by track number and then sorting alphabetically by track title among the tracks that have the same number. I.e. (track 1 disc 2) "A Song" (track 1 disc 1) "B song" (track 1 disc 3) "C song" (track 2 disc 3) "A song" (track 1 disc 1) "B song" (track 1 disc 2) "C song" Going to "List Options" -> Sort by "disc and track #" does not solve the problem. Are there other settings I am missing?
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