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  1. Hello Poweramp is the best player out there so far. Lots of important features are there, really nice modern design, and pretty easy to use But it would be awesome, if you would support multiple artists (like in collaborations). In mp3tag editor you input this like »Artist 1\\Artist 2« and the editor is then saving the same tag twice with either name in it. Windows displays those Artists correctly seperated like »Artist 1; Artist 2«. Poweramp should seperate them too, currently it's displayed like »Artist 1 Artist 2« combined like one name and listed like that as a seperate entry in the library too. Creates a mess and you can't find all songs of one artist including the collaborations. I think, this is important, since collaborations are a common thing. same goes for other multi-entry fields like Genre, Album Artist etc. involving the same method. Please update that 🙇🏽‍♂️
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