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  1. @maxmp Thank you very much, I will never tire of repeating it. I fully understand the problem now, the reason why it happened to me in this case not, but sometimes there is bad luck. I will wait for that beta and, hopefully, in Android R we will find a system that although it may fail like everything, is more extensive when determining what is the specific error of the device that is used (if there one). That is all, thank you very much, I will come back here to comment on how I was doing at the time that beta arrives. Greetings.
  2. @maxmp I try to repeat that this is not the problem, using any music or video player and any other application I can explore the files without problems. Even Poweramp worked well, if it was an OS theme it wouldn't be here. BTW I don't use a beta, only this happens with your app. It doesn't matter, I'll find a way to solve it. Thank you.
  3. @maxmp Fantastic all that I understand but, I have Android 10 installed through the OnePlus dedicated OS update application that appeared in the PlayStore, what's more, everything worked perfectly for me until a few weeks ago and now suddenly this happened. I wanted to add folders manually and it was impossible, I cleaned everything and I tried to start again and I am with the application disabled, impossible for me to return to the normality that I had with it weeks ago. Now I also have Google Files installed and it does not work either, I have the OnePlus file manager as a system application and I cannot by normal methods select another management application as default. This is something that happened suddenly and not because you touched something you shouldn't have.
  4. Data * If I select a sound file from any administrator, it allows me to choose Poweramp to open these types of files once or consecutively, thus being able to play it, but it is still possible to create music libraries. I really don't know what's going on.
  5. @andrewilley I tried Solid Explorer a few weeks ago and it works fine, I already had Android 10 by the time I installed it. Poweramp was working fine at the time, even tracking new folders it entered with music. Now nothing, I have the system file browser and the Google one to see if the problem was with the permissions but it is not that, all the appropriate permissions are enabled.
  6. @andrewilley Thanks for answering. Do not disable, uninstall or reinstall the file manager. I use OnePlus and besides that I just installed Files from Google but it doesn't seem to be working either. Despite all the problem persists.
  7. En la introducción de la aplicación al momento de instalarla ( nuevamente ) dejó de permitir abrir la etiqueta de almacenamiento interno para seleccionar las carpetas con los archivos de sonido , lo que resultó en que Poweramp fuera completamente inútil. El uso de la última versión estable falla, el uso de la última versión beta falla, siempre falla. Uso de Android 10 en un OnePlus 6T y para colmo tengo la aplicación paga. Envió correos electrónicos, comentado en PlayStore y no recibió ninguna respuesta. ¿Alguien sabe cómo resolver este problema o qué debo hacer ?, el estado usando Poweramp durante años y nunca falla, o al menos no de esta manera.Agradezco cualquier comentario. Saludos Version: v3-build-862-arm64-play [862004-45e939dd] BETA - Same error in last BETA or last STABLE.
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