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  1. Hi Andre, Yes you're correct. What I meant was clearing the recent app list. I can get Poweramp working when using my older Redmi note 4Gb ram version, but when I use Poweramp on this new 6Gb ram phone, I encounter the issue I described above.
  2. My phone is Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6Gb version. Everytime when I clear background memory from task manager halfway listening to music through Poweramp, Poweramp will continue to play the current song until the end. Then it stops right after the current music is finished. Poweramp will then say it can't play any songs from my phone, even the app can still detect music on my phone storage. To continue to play music from Poweramp I have to manually close down the app, then restart it again. Then same issues continue to happen whenever I clear background apps through task manager. I don't find any memory clearing issues with other apps and other music player on my phone, except on Poweramp. Since Poweramp is my beloved music app I hope the dev team can look into this. Many thanks.
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