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  1. Nah, unfortunately this doesn't help. The result is the same with and w/o DVC. Seems like the system doesn't recognize Poweramp as something to enhance until you turn it On manually.
  2. So guys, here is the problem. Redmi Note 8 Pro, MIUI Poweramp v3 build 860 arm64 Noticed the problem, that even being enabled, Mi Sound Enhancer is not starting to work along with the song in Poweramp. If I turn it off and then On again, it will work and the sound changes, but stops (though it is still active in options menu) each time I switch from Poweramp to any other music source or phone call or even just pause the music. So i need to turn Mi Sound off again and then on again to get it working. Does anyone face the issue or know how to fix it? Than
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