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  1. Hi. that's exactly the issue we're discussing here. No solution nor known cause at the moment.
  2. I attach a video to show you what it looks like right after rebooting the phone. Samsung S10 lite Android 11 video_2021-01-08_11-40-28.mp4
  3. Thank you Andre, although I don't think it's the exact same problem. Similar though, yeah. 👍
  4. Hi everyone, I'm not sure it's a bug to be honest, but I have started seeing the issue right after updating my Samsung S10 lite to Android 11. When I boot my smartphone, a Poweramp empty banner appears in notifications (I attach a screenshot to show you). I can only dismiss the notification by swiping it on the side, or tapping it to launch Poweramp. This never happened with Android 10. Any idea please? Poweramp version: build-893-arm64-play 64 bit
  5. Perhaps I didn't express myself properly as I'm not English native speaker. Forgive that. I clearly got that it's not Poweramp fault if an external software messes up the playlist content's order. What I'm saying though is that it would be much appreciated if PA had the ability to re-scan and re-sort playlist's content when it detects that the playlists got altered by an external source. Massimo
  6. If so, then the feature shown in this screenshot is basically useless as it won't maintain the sorting order I set.. 🤔 I believe that many of us users would like that setting to be permanent and it's not really complicated to develop an automatic scan for new files/changes to playlist and re-order accordingly.
  7. Ok, but what in my opinion Poweramp should do is: when overwriting a playlist file, PA should maintain the "sort by" setting as I left it by detecting that the playlist has been edited/replaced/whatever and re-sort it accordingly. I agree with you that it's apparently MusicBee in this case to change the sorting order inside the m3u file, BUT Poweramp should be smart enough to apply my setting again when the playlist gets edited/overwritten, as the "sort by artist" is the setting I have set and I wish it stayed like that. Let's put it this way: it would be a much appreciated improvement to
  8. Playlists are manually created by me in MusicBee, and I add files to them. Those playlists, along with the files linked to them, are copied into my phone through an app called MusicBee wi-fi sync, which I manually launch, check for items to sync, and eventualy press "sync now". Once I do that, I see a progress bar with files being copied or deleted onto the phone, and also playlists .m3u are copied at every sync, whether if I made changes or not in MusicBee.
  9. enabling 2-way sync is not an option, as I only sync some playlists, not all playlists present in MusicBee. I sync about 1500 files whilst on the computer I have over 8000. Another screenshot attached for relative path ticked off. No idea how to set it after what you told me. Yet, I can't understand why sort order gets messed up in PA's playlists. Sorry if I am dumb Nevertheless, before I disconnected my phone completely from the wifi, apparently PA messed up the sort order anyway, without me syncing anything. I'm very confused and if you can help me figure out what is going on
  10. could it be anything to do with sync settings of MusicBee as shown in the screenshot or you believe it's fine as it is? I don't get why path are shown differently and also the slash becomes a backslash.
  11. Done as you said. These are the first 3 lines after having re-sorted files in playlist '80s: /storage/D846-BBD6/Music/ABBA - The Winner Takes It All - Super Trouper.flac /storage/D846-BBD6/Music/Ad Visser & Daniël Sahuleka - Giddyap a Gogo - Sobriëtas.flac /storage/D846-BBD6/Music/Al Corley - Square Rooms - Square Rooms.flac These are the first 3 lines after having edited the tag of 1 file into my computer's music organizer and player (MusicBee) and synced files and playlists to my phone: \Music\Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf - Arena.flac \Music\Duran
  12. I re-sorted all my playlist files by "artist", then I force closed Poweramp and didn't sync anything (I actually disconnected wi-fi right before closing PA. I re-launched PA and found my files into the playlists not sorted by artist anymore, therefore I assume MusicBee sync has nothing to do with the issue I'm having. I believe this is a Poweramp bug which is not keeping the sort by setting previously set for files into playlists, unless I missed something in the app's settings.
  13. I tried to edit tags within the PA app and yes, it let me successfully edit the tags. In my SD card I have a folder called "Music" where music files are. Into the music folder there's a subfolder called "Playlists" where .m3u files are updated/created when I connect my phone to my MusicBee music organizer. When I launch the sync operation, I see new files recently added to MusicBee being copied, as well as .m3u playlist files being copied and overwritten onto my phone. See attached screenshot for folder structure please. As I said playlist files are overwritten when I sync, but th
  14. Can someone help me understand what the problem might be please?
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