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  1. Thanks for your explanation that helped a lot 🙂 Your right there is no specific Album Artist tag. With you help I was able to look in ID3.org and in the specs og my player. My player is using TPE2 and TXXX for Album Artist, in the options I can combine booth fields. It's a bit Pitty that most of the Tag programs or player seem to use a wrong name for the TPE2. Album Artist and Band/Orchestra are not the same and so I used the tags. I think I have to change this and don't use the Album Artist. Michael
  2. My Poweramp is using the field "Band/Orchestra" "Album" has for all tracks the same content "Album Artist" has for all tracks the same content but it doesn't work. If I look to Poweramp how he splits the album, is exactly splited to the contend of the field "Band/Orchestra" With what you describe this shouldn't be. Why is Poweramp then doing it? Michael
  3. Would be better to name an album "Queen Greatest Hits" 😉 It would make sence than, that tge field "Album" + "Album Artist" make an album unique. How I wrote, Poweramp is not using "Album Artist" it's using "Band/Orchestra" instead. How can I tell Poweramp to use the field "Album Artist"?
  4. I have the problem that albums where is "Band/Orchestra" set with different entries, the Album is not grouped in Poweramp. I have enabled the option "Alben combine" which works for the field "Album Artist" but it doesn't make a different if I have no entry there or if I have for each track the same one. I would like that Poweramp is comining the tracks to an album not bassed on "Band/Orchestra" but bassed on "Album" because it has a reason why they all have the same Album Titel.
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