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  1. Am currently running the Verizon sourced VRBLI5 Jelly Bean ROM, and am still having the same issue. Numerous AOSP ROMs have yielded the same results. Will be trying VRBLJ1 soon, but am not holding my breath. FWIW, am using another player at the moment that sends the Meta DATA properly without pausing when changing tracks. As a bonus it can control repeat and random from the headunit. Will gladly return to Poweramp when the issues are sorted out.
  2. Exact same problem here, Verizon Galaxy S3 and a 2012 Mazdaspeed3. Bluetooth connects fine, quiality is good, sends the the metadata, controls all work from headunit, but skipping to the next track causes it to pause also. Infact, if button beeps are enabled, you can hear can hear it beep twice when you hit the next button as though it is sending two commands. Have extensively played around with the settings in Poweramp to no avail, as well as trying disabling other apps. The only time it does not seem to do this is if the current song has been playing for quite a while, then sometimes it will let me skip without also pausing. Any help would be much appreciated.
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