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  1. On my M7 the problem is fixed when lowering resample rate to 176kHz
  2. More: if I have a Folder named discography and then a few album folders inside I won't be able to access them via "album"
  3. Hi guys, Has anybody managed to install a skin on FIIO M7 ?
  4. M7 won't allow google play. I purchased Poweramp via apk filedownload and then share a phone wifi connection via bluetooth to register .. Did anybody with a FIIO M7 manage to install this skin or any skin ?
  5. Hi, New user with my new FIIO M7 latest build (feb 2020) Found some of my folders were not seen when scanning. Found out that when inside of the folder there is another folder with art covers then the album is not recognized.
  6. Hi guys, Is it possible to install this skin on my FIIO M7 ? And how ? Thanks
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