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  1. Yes omg I totally forgot there was an update 🙈 But you helped me because it's working now thalys alot
  2. Ok disabled the whole galaxy s9 and know it put everything back and it works again no idea which folder but ok it works thank you for your help👍🏾
  3. I see that i have to give Access to the sd kaart or the Galaxy s9 i will try that know see what it does I did it and how i see everything is clicked on so i guess now i have to unclick them something like that🙈
  4. I got this like the picture if i tick on the first one or the second on i will have like my first screenshot
  5. Yes its is I have deleted all of the music now I can only send one screenshot
  6. Hey André It doesn't work when i do what you wrote I see this😔
  7. Hello, I Have a question hope you can help me. For some reason new songs are not added to the app anymore and now everytime I open the app it's says /storage/emulated/0/Download is missing. I dont know what happend but I cany use the app anymore. You see my playlist everything but cant play anything What can I do know to fix it.
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