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  1. Thank you so much for your answer! I tried the reboot but it didn't change anything. But I don't have any other app using the hi res output installed anyways. I'm not running miui on the phone, but Syberia based on Android 9. So it's either the dac that might not be fully compatible or a bug in Syberia? The dac gets at least initialized by Android, gets power over USB and can be selected and is in use, since the sound is noticable better compared to using the internal dac. It's just stuck in 16bit/48khz.
  2. Thank you for your reply! I can choose and activate USB DAC in all three output modes. OpenSL ES doesn't let me choose any resolution Audiotrack just offers to activate Float32 which doesn't change anything, the volume here is generally just lower compared to the two other modes. Hi-res Output lets me define a sample rate, if I set it to 96khz the actual output still stays on 48khz. 16bit is always the standard and also cannot be set up at all.
  3. Hey, I just bought Poweramp to upgrade my audio experience, but I don't really get how to set it up correctly. My setup is: Xiaomi Mi 8, external USB DAC with 24bit/96khz hi-res certified and B&O beoplay e4 earphones. Whatever audio file I'm using even with 96khz flac, Poweramp outputs everything with just 16bit/48khz. I tried any output, float32 on off etc. It always stays the same. I wonder why and what to do?
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